Poet, author, model, athlete, entrepreneur, community advocate, voice actor, & student of life. 

I grew up playing sports and involving myself in different activities when possible. I began writing during my free time near the beginning of 2021 and have maintained my writing since.

Now that I've lived outside of Washington, I've been more adamant about going out and doing different things. Whether checking out free events near me or traveling!


I spend many of my days writing, brainstorming, reading, staying active,  hanging out with friends and family, hooping for fun, and even donating plasma!

I was born and raised in Washington state, living most of my life in Lacey. I graduated 2021 and took a hiatus to LA for a year in 2022 before returning back to my home town. 

Life is too short not to live it to the fullest, I believe every day alive is enough cause for celebration! So I plan to do as much as I can - in all facets!

I started the 2023 year off with a bang ! On  January 1st, 2023 I published my first book, 'A Brief Guide By My Mind', a collection of poetry I had written over the past two years.

When you change yourself for someone else

You do a disservice to everyone who loves you for you

Be careful, 

You harm yourself too

It's hard being one person,

Why be two?

You don't know a person until they don't get what they want

It's their actual character who chooses how they respond

Entitlement says, "Why don't you give me what's mine?"

Realism says, "Give me some time."

A good man sits there in silence, understanding, "I'm not owed what isn't mine."

There's no time in the future 

Because it doesn't exist

It's the hope of what's to come

Hoping it does

There's no time like the present

Because the present you can change 

There's no time tomorrow 

Finish today

There's no time tomorrow

I couldn't walk a mine in your shoes

You have your struggles; I'll walk beside

I couldn't walk a mile in your shoes

With you, I'll walk a mile in mine

I couldn't walk a mile in your shoes

If I have a car, you have a ride

I couldn't walk a mile in your shoes

My being ahead isn't your being behind


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