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About Me

Caleb 'C-Mo' Morris

Poet, author, model, athlete, entrepreneur, business owner, voice actor,  student of life. 

In The Beginning...

 February 12th, 2003 I was born in JBLM (Tacoma), Washington. I've lived in lacey for the majority of my life, spending most of my life here - including travel. I am the youngest out of my four siblings. I graduated high school in June 2021 and attended Clover Park Technical College pursuing HVAC/R. I kept at it for a couple months before I decided college isn't where I wanted to be.


A year later I I took a hiatus from my hometown and moved to Los Angeles, California. On June 16th, 2022 my youngest brother and I took turns as we made the 17 hour drive to Studio City. 


During my brief stint, I picked up real world experience in business as I continued to grow my talents in writing. In December 2022 Coaction Group was founded with co-CEO and serial entrepreneur Alander Pulliam. Coaction Group was founded with community in mind, seeking to assist and educate where possible.


January 1st, 2023 I self-published A Brief Guide By My Mind, a collection of poems written over the course of 2.5 years. Some of the poems may shift the way you think, others may describe your feelings in new words, many of them you may relate to. I followed up the release by recording and releasing an audiobook version on March 9th, 2023.


I moved back to Lacey June 2023 where I've continued on what I've begun in LA as well as getting to spend more time with friends and families. I'm eager to see what opportunities I can make the most of while I'm back home!

When Did The Writing Begin?

Growing up, I didn't cling to writing the way I do now. In fact, I had messy writing and the only time it looked good was in cursive. You see, in kindergarten I went to a private christian school where I was taught how to write cursive. Apparently, it was close enough to scribbling that it appeared well on paper!


I credit my disliking for english courses being the reason it took me so long to explore writing and language. Despite not ever knowing any other language, I had always struggled noticeably more in english classes than I did in other subjects. I wasn't ever a standout student in school, it's not that I was stupid - I think - but I didn't care to learn the curriculum. 


In middle school, I began challenging myself to journal daily. Lacking the actual routine and commitment to keep up with it, my journaling days soon fizzled out.  When the use of a planner became mandatory, I strayed from writing even further. Associating writing with school and homework, I no longer saw it as a leisure activity. Even though my father always encouraged me to write down my tasks and goals, I did so very lightheartedly. 


Early 2021, I began writing poetry as a way to get my thoughts down. I had so many feelings and ideas to express and release and after covid I had lost a little bit of the skill to talk to other people. Poetry gave me an easy outlet. I began by sharing with a couple of my favorite teachers. After receiving positive feedback (which as far as I know was paramount in the beginning of my writing), I began to continue thinking of new poems, allowing my creativity to take flight.


What furthered my writing was my love for reading. The more pages I read the more inspiration I experienced.  I read a lot of nonfiction books out of my excitement to learn. Prior to that, I spent my time reading fiction, as it goes; Once I picked a book up, I didn't set it down until I was reading the epilogue. 

Nearing the end of 2022, I finally got sick of either not remembering what I wanted to talk about, or not having a complete description of what I meant readily available. When October came around I began opening my notes app to give myself a place to think my thoughts through and remember them. At first it started out with smaller sentences such as, "construction gets done so quickly in la" (I usually type all lowercase), but they eventually progressed into full-blown explanations and rants. I called this note "Endless Thoughts", because know matter how much I wrote down, I would always have more to think about and write about.


Eventually I began desiring a more physical presence for my thoughts, keeping a journal in my backpack with me wherever I went. As you could have guessed, I titled my notebooks 'Endless Thoughts' as well. Once my pages filled all the way up I had to start separating them by different volumes.


I released my first book 'A Brief Guide By My Mind' on January 1st. I was originally planning on titling  'Endless Thoughts' but decided that it wouldn't make sense for a book since that would be false as soon as the reader read the last page. 


Without a way to link ideas to each other to provide a full explanation, no matter how many pages I write it still felt incomplete. I took to blogging to help me get my ideas organized in bite-sized posts that others could read. Since they all had their own individual URLs, I could link one blog post to another to give the reader a more complete overview of what they were reading. In mid April 2023  I decided to use another medium. Many of my ideas are confluent with each other,  with each article explaining more and more of my thoughts; Stringing together a web of ideas.


Who's C-Mo?

C-Mo wasn't a pseudonym I used until high school, but the first time I heard about it was  June  2016.


 I was with my dad who was in Downtown Olympia volunteering with Samaritans Feet to hand out socks and shoes to the houseless community. In addition, they were washing feet. 


True to his community, Jonathan Stewart came out to not only show support but to offer his service in volunteering to wash feet.


I waited in line and as he washed my feet I told him I also played football. He said "If you go to the league, they'll call you C-Mo." I kept that in mind but didn't end up using it much until 2017/2018. When I started running track in high school, I had a coach we called Coach Conley. When he started calling me C-Mo it was solidified as a pseudonym. I've been going by C-Mo since! 


Coaction Group

As all things, Coaction Group started out as a writing project with Alander Pulliam. Him and I write often, so I decided to have a prompt. We decided that we should write about homelessness, seeing as it was an issue we were both adamant about. I built off of an idea that I had a few years prior when I was in high school. 


Initially Coaction was centered around homelessness but we decided to cater more to community and prevention. Coaction Group's design as a functional building is to have 1-3 year housing options for those on the path to falling into houselessness. 


That's not the end of our community plans. Another one of Coaction's goals is to establish ourselves in the community and build community spaces. From food drives, to back to school drives, to community events. That's why  building community by being a part of it is important!


If you'd like to check out more of Coaction Group, view it on our website!


As you can probably guess, I spend a lot of my time writing. I also like to read and research in my pastime. When i'm not reading and writing, I'm working on new projects, tasks, ideas, and learning new things to apply to my life.  I'm an avid music listener, the only time I'm not listening to a song is when I'm watching something! I also spend a lot of my time playing basketball; I've never played the sport competitively but I started playing basketball  for fun over the past few years and have begun getting better. Now I've been considering taking it seriously!

Have any other questions you'd like answered?  Comment below and I'll add them to the FAQ! :)

If you'd like to remain anonymous, I can understand that, but feel free to let me know who's visiting! :)

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