Don't Love Me When It's Convenient

don’t love me when it’s convenient;
love me when it’s not.
love me in all phases, times of the day, and places
love me through your anger;
love me through the hard times;
love me despite it
unconditionally; not only when you feel like it
don’t love me casually, but as if love came to you naturally


this wont workout if loving me is a chore
there’s no one way love looks, or acts;
there’s no guide for what is good, nor what’s bad


love feels like choosing your courses and getting into all of them
love feels like getting something from a vending machine and two items falling
love feels like when someone misses the shot and the ball rebounds to you
love feels like a reward that you didn’t have to work for


love feels like your teammate spiking the ball after a long rally
the triumph, sense of joy; the longer it lasts the more exciting it gets
every secret, shared experience, and connection strengthening the bond


love feels like laying in bed after moving around all day - tension leaves and muscles relax
a breath of fresh air


love feels like the calm in the eye of the storm
even in the midst of chaos my arms are your place of peace
because if anything got to you it must've already gone through me
i can be protective but i will always have a soft spot for you


and that’s why trusting you is key
i can only be destroyed from the inside
the only thing that could tear me down is you


love may look like passion - a variety of flavor
energies intense - with admiration, joy, or anger
love is through the ups n downs. 
love may differ the next morning like the stock exchanges
but it’s a gamble and the risks are worth the danger



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