This Can't Be Love

i tell myself its better 
if i just let her be
she’ll be fine by herself
i gotta focus on me
got her own goals and dreams
i’m just not what she needs
i’d be slowing her down
i bring myself up to speed


but when i close my eyes she’s all that i see
thats when i start envisioning her future with me
just sitting in her presence i'm feeling at peace 
like if i were a boat she’d be the calmest of seas
if she were with me i’d fulfill every need
to start the pretty tree, i try to plant a lil seed
but the soil has to want it, i’m just not what she needs
i wonder if its love but that just couldn't be
this cant be love

one sec i cant get enough
the next i wanna give up
this can’t be love


i know times can be rough
but this a little too tough
this cant be love


i’m reaching new kinds of lows
more goodbyes than hellos
this can’t be love


i’ve lost all my hope
i keep my eyes stuck above
this can’t be love

i got my own things to do 
i tell me brotha move on
write another poem
sing another song
expand on your ideas,
just leave her alone


but without her not a house that ever feel like a home
i feel like a dog who went to fetch for a bone
i’ve retrieved it now i’m realizing there’s no one to throw
solitude is cool but now i’m always alone
changing my habits; we’d fit together as one
C-Mo she don't give a damn about what you doin
not every single human has obsession with union
you don't gotta give your all, whats the point that you provin'
leave it all on the line but its yourself that you’re losing
this cant be love


i wonder what we could be
i think its best if i leave 
this cant be love


i say she’s all that i need
but thats tuff to believe
so i don't get my relief
this cant be love


its like we competing
but on different teams
i tend to think in extremes
we start to feel like a dream
this can’t be love


the reason i write; there’s a lot on my mind
how’s the world gon change if i don’t put in the time
i got people to help
some living, some dying
but if change starts with me
i needa stay on my grind


damn it’s hard to focus there’s a lot on my mind
i spend too many hours wanting her to be mine
she must be bad for my health
but i feel so alive
its like i found the deep end, got careless, 
and dived
wrong versus right
my heart vs my mind 
i think its time i set my feelings aside
this can’t be love


i got my own things to do
though i'm so focused on you
whats a brotha to do
this can’t be love


she makes gray skies of blue
she makes lies of the truth
she makes a blend of the hues
this can’t be love


she makes my sureness confused
and my acceptance refused
i'm not entertained 
while she looks so amused
this can’t be love



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