Snapping Twigs 

the moment a twig snaps
is when its elasticity is tested
not when its bent a little, 
when it’s bent a lot.

a dry twig will snap at the smallest inconvenience. 
a well watered twig, attached to a tree, is stable. 
more nutrients, more flexibility.





Tipping points. 12/16/22 C-Mo! (The Writing Behind It)

i think in most cases, people don’t get angry over minute nettles. the small problems people stress over are the last jenga block being pulled! my tipping point is greater than what someone else’s may be. i innately mitigate my stressors, i don’t react to things that upset others. i used to occasionally be called out for it, but i don’t mind being so nonchalant.


layout to yourself if you are the dry twig, breaking in the breeze. or if you’re the nutrient-rich twig, swaying on the tree. take care of yourself, you’re the main benefactor in regards to helping you:)


if you find yourself being the dry twig, which reacts to everything that the environment throws your way; do your best to stay grounded, provide yourself with what's necessary to retain the nutrients that your enviroment also has to offer. Pour into yourself, and I'm sure you'll find you're more able to withstand the elements:)

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