Look Through My Prescriptive Lens

looking through my eyes like you're looking through a camera
would probably bring discomfort for the fact i'm outta focus
i suppose having the understanding that i cant see because of light
made me pay more attention when i had the sight


you must remember i cant see forever
occasionally the contacts are returned to their case
and my glasses are set on top of something
it will probably be my second task of the day
but maybe its for that reason i have to thank
with less vision, i focused my senses;
did more listening
its almost crazy how much you can still see with your eyes closed


you can see the dinner being cooked on the stovetop
because your nose will look for the trails until the scent stops


you can see the birds in the morning singing like they’re in the shower
because taking time to listen is like another superpower


i don’t necessarily meditate but sometimes i close my eyes and search my surrounding, 
listening for anything. 
smelling for anything, 
because when my eyes are open
my mind is scoping to see if the coast is clear
im hyperaware of the perimeter and the whole area


but as someone who is always using their senses n being aware
i often listen to things other people couldn't hear
sometimes i hear sounds that'd give other folks fear
i heard screaming the other day 
and no one thats near heard some of the same


look through my lens, no it’s not perfect
but you would see a lot more cus i'm observant

you would see tendencies exposing the opposite of who people pretend to be
you would see hypocrisy from those who boast cockily
you would see the self awareness unapparent 
flaws spit from the jaws of folks feeling they above the boss


i see a lot of the bad but see as much as the good
i see the tender hearted nature of those who are misunderstood 
where some see thieves, i recognize someone who will eat by any means
when food is a daily quest and survival’s not guaranteed
elsewhere i recognize kindness in those who purport a hard front
as if they wouldn’t bend over backwards anytime of the month
i see the burdens, maybe pain, through the eyes of those who don’t complain


with my own eyes & ears, 
i watch in silence with observation
as the world around me passes by each conversation



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