Real Ones Don't Die

they say real ones don’t die
but if i go 
would i be feeling that somebody lied
is the sentiment coming from pride 
how could i possibly be any less
than every moment i was alive


they say real ones don’t die 
well it must be true 
when you real you must be bulletproof
i got nun to lose
i got nun to prove
when i meet my dues, 

i’m no less


they say real ones don’t die
so i don’t fear death
i don’t feel stress
no use in me losing my breath
if you don’t respect me alive
you not gon respect me in death
when i'm real through my life
then was i not real til the end?


they say real ones don't—

they don’t live until the end of time
do you lose credibility when you die?
we all must go so when we do
does it matter how hard we even try


in death we all reach the same conclusion
was “real life” just a poor illusion
am i fake some day when my life slip away
or do we fall victim to delusion


there’s poets we still quote
no matter how long ago the pen wrote

artists with paintings we still admire
what we appreciate won’t expire

art alleviates pain and inspires
even when we move on or choose to retire

songs always outlast their singers 

bees never outlast their stingers
doesn't mean we disregard their honey

just cus a doctor’s gone doesn’t mean his medicine can’t heal

long story short; 
just cus the physical body’s not present 
doesn’t mean we’re no longer real



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